15 Minutes Gives Three Years

Posted on August 16th, 2011, by iMinerva

Keep on moving

According to a recent study by the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan, just 15 minutes of exercise a day – 90 minutes a week – can extend life expectancy by three years.  Not a bad trade-off when you consider that exercise also benefits the heart, lungs, brain, muscle tone, and numerous other body parts from bust to butt.

So why do we all find exercise so difficult to include into our day?  I’m a champion at this.  I finally renewed my membership to a very lovely, nearby health club complete with indoor track, good equipment, delicious pool, sauna, steam – they even offer massage and spa treatments.  Unfortunately, I spend more time thinking up excuses not to go than I spend working out.  So, maybe that’s good exercise for my brain.

The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to take place in the gym or other formal setting.  Walking the dogs around the park definitely qualifies – as long as the pups don’t dawdle.  Gardening is great with reaching and bending, pulling, toting, digging – both aerobic and muscle toning work.  Playing with the grandkids can be an amazing workout – assuming that you’re throwing a ball or running or biking or touring the zoo and not just playing on the Gameboy or a board game.

No excuses!  We can all manage 15 minutes a day.  I’m a sloth but I’m committing to you all that I will put in my 15 every day.  Hope you’ll do the same and we can all celebrate our new-found energy, balance, strength  and stamina.  Here’s to 15 A Day!

If you’re looking for a quick workout – check out Rick Bradley’s “Quick Fit 15-Minute Exercise Program” on the PBS American’s Walking website.  I got tired reading it but it might fit your exercise preference. 

Or go to Real Simple for 5 more 15 minute routines.  Good luck.


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