1946 11-Day Diet – Day 2

Posted on July 21st, 2011, by iMinerva

New 1946 Diet

Yesterday, I introduced the 11-Day Diet that I found in a booklet from 1946. With only 750 calories a day, the diet is sure to help drop pounds. The daily menu is designed to provide 125 calories of skimmed milk, 50 calories of fruit, 100 calories of vegetables, and 400 calories of protein.

Here’s the menu for Day 2:

½ grapefruit
Thin slice unbuttered toast
½ glass skimmed milk
Black coffee

Serving of lamb, veal, or Virginia ham (gross fat cut away)
½ cup cabbage or green beans
½ head of lettuce with vinegar or lemon juice
1 glass skimmed milk
Coffee or tea

Pan-broiled liver
½ cup cauliflower or asparagus, 6-8 stalks
Carrot strips or cole slaw
Coffee or tea

It’s recommended that meats be broiled, baked, roasted or boiled to avoid “calorie-rich juices” created by frying. Eggs should be poached, coddled or boiled and vegetables baked, boiled or raw. The diet intends to minimize or eliminate fats and maximize proteins. This is not the Atkins diet.


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