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Have you heard about AGNES?  AGNES is at the MIT AgeLab and she’s playing an important role in helping researchers understand more about the physical challenges that occur with aging.

Really...

Michelle Obama

It’s Right to Bare Arms

I remember Great Aunt Beulah looking for the flag she heard waving in the wind – then screaming when she realized it wasn’t a flag – it was her flabby arm waddle as she was waving to a neighbor. ... Read More...


“Feelin’ Good” at Clark

There’s streamers, confetti, feather boas and fedoras, synchornized swimmers and a jazz band, prune juice and Depends, gambling and smooching – all with a troupe of 100 seniors lipsynching... Read More...


Betty Ford

We may not have known Betty Ford personally, but we all “knew” her and admired her.  The role of “First Lady” is not an easy one – a job with no job description, no salary,... Read More...


Road Trip?

If you’re planning a road trip this summer, the price of gas will be a major consideration.  Add the cost of gas, hotels, food, nerve damage, and your time, and it may be cheaper to fly –... Read More...

Bel Kaufman

Zest for Life

The Today Show – today – began a new series on “How to Live to Be 100″ and featured an interview with Bel Kaufman, author of  Up The Down Staircase. Ms Kaufman, who celebrated... Read More...


The Circle

I feel sorry for guys – really I do!  They may have access to the best jobs, money, adventure, power – but wait, gals have all of that too these days.  What guys don’t have –... Read More...

Nurse Holding Medical Chart

Hiring A Caregiver

A recent article in the LA Times brought back tough memories.  My mom lived with me for several years after she was hospitalized with congestive heart failure.  Concerned with her ability to take... Read More...


Kate Sets The Fashion Trends

There’s no doubt, the greatest influence on fashion going forward will be Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, aka, Kate Middleton, the most influential export from England since Princess Diana.  Every... Read More...

cruise pictures 3397

East or West? Which is Best?

East or West?  My friend Betty retires next year and is trying to decide if she should move to California to be near her daughter – or Florida to be near a bunch of her friends.  That’s... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

Find fitness with fun dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise.”
by Paula Abdul