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Retire with International Flavor

Thinking of a romantic retirement in a new landscape filled with new adventures to explore?  You may want to investigate life abroad. has just posted the Top 8 Places to Retire Abroad... Read More...


Helping Others Around The World

I’ve made a mid-year resolution to get a head start on 2012.

Next year, I resolve to go on an overseas volunteer vacation – possibly to Peru or Morroco!

I love traveling and...


High Roller Holidays

Feel lucky?  Want to roll the dice like a sheik or celeb?  Then head to Vegas or, as a back-up, you can party on Paradise Island – as long as money is flowing.

The Top Ten Most Expensive...


Putting On Your Face

We all put on faces – our happy face when we’re struggling with inner sadness, our patient, understanding face even though we don’t understand and may be about to explode in frustration, our... Read More...

Woman Sitting in Meditation

Downward Dog

I had my first yoga class in my 20s.  Since I’m not an eager athlete, I loved the slow, thoughtful movements coordinated to controlled breaths.  My favorite pose was always the last of the session…the... Read More...


It’s A Gas!

Having lost a dear friend to Colon Cancer at the age of 59, I strongly urge friends, and even strangers, to schedule a colonoscopy.  So in the spirit of “taking my own advice,” I’m anal – pun... Read More...

kathy bates

TV Is Going Gray

Would you believe that the average age of a primetime TV viewer is 51?  Of course you would.  I’m guessing that you and your friends watch more evening TV than the once-holy-tribe of 20-somethings.

That’s...

Hands Holding Bowl of Cherries

Cooking Up Some Painkillers

I hate it, really hate it, when I get up after sitting too long and let out a groannnn.  I don’t mean to sound like my Great Aunt Beulah, but sometimes the body just has to groan.  My friends... Read More...

Woman Weighing Herself on a Scale

Get Zip With Zumba

The latest craze at my fitness center is Zumba – and one day I’ll join in, after I’m stronger and more nimble on my feet.  First, I need a nap.

The hype is that Zumba makes...

judge nelson

Here Comes The Judge

Judge Dorothy W. Nelson (82) isn’t ready to retire.  She handles about 150 cases a year for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena, Calif.

According to the June 2011 AARP Bulletin,...

Words of Wisdom

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”
by Booker T. Washington