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Go Fly A Kite

Live to 100 or Even 1,000

The weekend Wall Street Journal has a fascinating look at “Living to 100 And Beyond.” The piece looks at the science currently taking place in gene therapy and stem cell applications, along... Read More...

Beautiful Women

No Fuss Required

I’m at that stage of my life where it’s more important to spend time talking and laughing with a friend than it is to spend time planning to spend time with a friend. I think my friends... Read More...

Beach time

Plan for Retirement – It’s Snooze and Lose

Every morning I wake up and decide it’s time to retire! The image of sitting on my deck – in my jammies – with a cup of coffee, reading the paper and communing with nature, is almost... Read More...

Back to school

Back to School

September comes and I’m always in a Back-to-School mode. I’m not sure if I connect the season with shopping – school supplies and special new outfit – or getting back to see... Read More...

Wrinkles Be Gone

Wrinkles Are Wrong!

It doesn’t matter if they’re in your linen shirt, or your freshly-laundered bedsheets, or your face, wrinkles are just wrong!  They serve no purpose, detract from an otherwise-perfect surface,... Read More...

Keep on moving

15 Minutes Gives Three Years

According to a recent study by the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan, just 15 minutes of exercise a day – 90 minutes a week – can extend life expectancy by three years.  Not... Read More...

Father Holding Daughter's Hand

It’s Time to Give

One of my resolutions – on a daily basis – is to start volunteering.  This is especially important now as much of the world is going to heqq in a handbasket – so to speak. 

One...

Diana Nyad

Chasing A Dream

“I want to do something to feel alive, alert, awake and challenged.”  That’s the reason for Diana Nyad’s effort to swim the 103 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida. ... Read More...

Fur in Fashion

Falling for Fashion

While we sit on the deck sweltering in the heat, the Fashionistas are already planning our wardrobe for Fall.  Some of the trends could be exciting – some will be exciting if you are 20 and... Read More...

Taking Care of Mom

Taking Care of Mom?

 I had a wonderful evening last weekend with friends I hadn’t seen in years.  I loved how the conversation just picked right up with old stories of our shared work experiences along with new updates... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

Find fitness with fun dancing. It is fun and makes you forget about the dreaded exercise.”
by Paula Abdul