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You CAN Teach an Old Dog

Good News!    The Wall Street Journal reports that it is actually possible to increase your IQ.

Research now shows that IQ scores can improve with as little as a few weeks of “cognitive... Read More...


Perspective from Paris

It’s always good to escape the routine and explore new adventures.  Paris in October was my escape!  A week-long visit to the City of Lights with cousin JoAnn and nine other unrelated folks in... Read More...

Physician and Nurse Pushing Gurney

Signs of A Stroke

One of my greatest, life-long regrets is that I didn’t recognize that my mother was having a stroke and I didn’t insist that we immediately call 911. 

Mom – as most Swedish...

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Retirement – More than $$$

Most retirement checklists start with the financials – your 401K, pension, social security and monies available to sustain you for the next chapter of your life.  Important, even critical –... Read More...

Heavy Freeway Traffic

7 Billion and Counting

Think the traffic at rush hour is a nightmare?  It’s just a sign of our exploding population.  There are currently 7 billion folks on Planet Earth according to the the United Nations…and... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very fast.”
by Thomas Jefferson