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The Elderly Need Random Acts of Kindness

Start planning your Kindness – It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week February 13-19, so get busy.

Wouldn’t the world – even our local community – be a fine place if... Read More...

Photo: Michael Sohn/AP

Milk or Silk? It’s QMilch!

It’s the greenest thing in clothing – even though it might actually be black or red. It’s QMilch! Anke Domaske, a young German fashion designer and microbiologist, has developed a... Read More...

Go Red for A Healthy Heart

Go Red – Feb 3

February 3rd was  “National Wear Red Day” and women everywhere – throughout the month – will be wearing red dresses, scarves, shoes, or bikinis as a reminder to all that heart... Read More...


The Political Theater

Some nights as I watch the news, I can’t decide if I want to laugh, cry, or just smash my TV set.  Is today’s Politcal Theater a comedy or tragedy or just a total waste of time?  Even... Read More...


We’re Just Getting Started

The cover story in USA Today is “They Won’t Quit.”  It’s a profile of mature adults who prefer to work in their 70s, 80s, even 90s.  The science of longevity shows this is... Read More...


Stand Up for Good Health

ABC news has been doing an interesting series with Bill Weir on preventing disease.  One of the interesting points that has been raised is the importance of moving and the role activity plays in warding... Read More...


Happy Birthday Betty!

January 17, 1922 Betty White, America’s favorite Golden Girl, just celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday. Is she sleeping-in and spending the day in her jammies? Probably not. She’s probably... Read More...

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris

I’m not a fan of watching movies on airlines – nor am I a fan of Woody Allen or Owen Wilson – but on a lonnnng flight recently, I plugged in to Midnight in Paris.  This Woody Allen... Read More...

Derriere Exercise

Butt Tap In 2012

Here’s a great way to start a new year – Butt Taps to firm up you derriere and upper legs. Wish I had started these 20 years ago.

Butt then (no pun intended), there’s no time...


Savage Truth On Money

I attended a presentation by Terry Savage last month and was impressed by her common-sense approach to money.  A nationally syndicated personal finance columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and frequent... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”
by Christian Dior