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Can Happiness Be Spontaneous?

If you’re a fan of Andrew Weil, you probably know he has a new book out – Spontaneous Happiness – addressing emotional wellness, or the lack of such in our crazy 21st century civilization. ... Read More...


Fit & Fab or Fat & Flab?

It’s the worst time of the year – Bathing Suit Season!

Getting ready for a mini-vacation to visit friends in Florida and the reality of winter has hit. Nothing fits – really... Read More...


Minervas on The Red Carpet

Did you notice all of the Minervas walking the Red Carpet and in the running for Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards?  Minervas like Meryl Streep who captured Best Actress for her portrayal... Read More...


Be Happy, B-12

I’m cranky, tired, short-tempered, and I’m struggling to come up with words hiding somewhere in the clouds of my foggy brain. This is more than my typical February Blue Flu. Winter hasn’t... Read More...

The Artist

The Artist is Pure Delight

If you haven’t yet seen The Artist, get thee to a movie theater fast.  There’s no dialogue, there’s no technicolor or 3-D or Imax.  But the actors create magic – just like... Read More...

Dame Judi Dench

Judi Dench Has Macular Degeneration

British actress Dame Judi Dench has been diagnosed with macular degeneration.  According to news reports, the popular actor struggles to see people and objects directly in front of her and requires... Read More...

Exercise to Wake-Up The Morning

5 Exercises to Wake Up The Morning

First my disclaimers:

1) I’m not an exercisologist.

2) I don’t like to exercise.

3) It’s very hard for me to wake up in the morning.

So with the truth stated...

Woman Doing Crossword Puzzle in Bed

AvoidingThe Brain Drain

I spent the weekend at the cottage with my two favorite Gal Pals (GPs).  We sat by the fireplace, talked, read, drank wine, played Clue and laughed – a lot … all activities we don’t... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.”
by Jim Rohn