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Proof of Heaven

There are often accounts of “near-death” experiences.  The brilliant white light, music, sense of calm.  Dr. Eben Alexander’s story is, for me, the most compelling – and reassuring.

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Ten Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward

If you’ve followed my posts on iMinerva, you know that I’m forever searching for the Fountain of Youth in a bottle. Not from the vinyard, tho’ I do recommend wine to activate a youthful... Read More...

Monet's Lily Pond

Monet & His Gardens

I really wish I had known Monet.  Since high school French, I’ve loved his romantic paintings – especially those of his gardens in Giverney and the water lily pond.  Last week, I visited... Read More...

Words of Wisdom

“Always tell the truth. Then you don't have to remember anything.”
by Mark Twain Roughin' it