5 Exercises to Wake Up The Morning

Posted on February 9th, 2012, by iMinerva

Exercise to Wake-Up The Morning

First my disclaimers:

1) I’m not an exercisologist.

2) I don’t like to exercise.

3) It’s very hard for me to wake up in the morning.

So with the truth stated – I’ve come up with 5 mini-exercises I do in the morning to help my blood flow –  beyond lifting the coffee cup, tho’ I do find this helpful in building the triceps or biceps.  I’m not promising this will sculpt your body, help you lose weight, or make a difference in your life.  For me, this has proven to keep me in an upright position rather than my usual move from the bed to the sofa while the coffee brews. 

There’s nothing new here, just a reminder of things we did 30 years ago.  Do as many repetitions of these as you feel good doing.  Remember, you’re trying to wake up the blood flow and strengthen some muscles to help move you through the day.

1) Reach For The Stars– Standing straight with arms stretched toward the ceiling – reach for the stars – or ceiling cobwebs –  stretching one arm at a time as high as you can.  Do five or ten stretches alternating arms. This is good for posture and your core.

2) Pick-up Sticks – This is simply the old toe-touch.  Bend at the waist, keeping your knees as straight as possible, reach down as close as you can get to your toes or the floor.  Do five bend-overs and then, with hands on your waist, lean back five times.  Repeat so long as you don’t get dizzy, throw up, or strain your back.

3) Tip Toe Tessie – I do this while I’m brushing my teeth – great mindless multi-tasking.  Feet apart shoulder length, roll up on your toes and back down.  This helps stretch calf muscles, is good for your arches, and seems to help with balance.

4) Windmill – Egg Beater –  Arms out straight to the side, make 10 giant circles forward, then 10 large circles backward.  That’s the Windmill.  Next repeat the cycle with 10 small cirlces forward and backward – the Egg Beater.  This is a good exercise for posture, and to perk up the boobs.

5)Kegel Krunch – Scrunch the buttox muscles 10 – 20 times.  Another good exercise while brushing your teeth.  This can – and should – be done throughout the day – while driving, watching TV, at your desk, or other quiet moments with no one around.

Obviously, you can do as many of these moves and as many repetitions as you feel like.  Altogether, the basic “workout” should take about 10 minutes with some of that time interwoven with other morning tasks….so no excuse that there isn’t time.  There’s also no rule about doing these moves at other times of the day – what can it hurt.

So welcome the morning with a Stretch for the Stars and see where that takes you.



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