Welcome to iMinerva….

iMinerva.com is a place for women to meet, to share stories, to ask questions, to join together in community as we travel across the decades of our life.  Who could possibly be a better guide to help us answer those age-old questions than the Roman goddess of wisdom — Minerva.

We all have questions about starring in our “Third Act,” as Jane Fonda calls her maturity.  Questions like….

“What next?” or

 “How did I get to be 60?” or

“Why does my butt sag?” or

“Why can’t I sleep at night?” or

“What’s it all about, Alfie?”

After the insightful teachings we relied on in the past – those of Seventeen and Cosmo and Elle and Vogue and More – we have few guideposts for this stage of our life’s journey.

 The fact is, although we represent a vast fortune of purchase power, women of a “Certain Age” (could be 50, 60, 70, 80…) become invisible.  Companies typically market to “women 25-54.”   After that, we begin to become less important to the titans of commerce and, often, even to our own families.

Somehow, tradition requires that we’re defined as “Grandma”  often viewed with lessening abilities, desires and ambitions.  When will they all realize, we still plan to visit Machu Pichu or learn to speak Italian, or start a new enterprise?  There’s much to be done.

iMinerva is here to bring out the goddess in all of us as we gracefully grow in wisdom.  It is a place to share and celebrate our lives.  iMinerva is a place to find answers to questions on gracious aging and to explore new opportunities.

Visit often, celebrate and grow wise.

Meet Minerva

According to Wikipedia, Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, medicine, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic and the inventor of music.  She is often equated with the Greek goddess Athena.  Look around and you’ll find her standing guard at the entrance to libraries and universities around the world. 

Now she is here like the genie in the bottle, waiting to serve as your personal guide whenever there is a need for advice, community or a reason to celebrate. 

Each of us has the spirit of Minerva within us.  So, my sister Minervas, gather round and share your life experiences, your wisdom, your poetry – the magic of your great wisdom.

Welcome to the wisdom of Womanhood. 

Welcome to iMinerva


Words of Wisdom

You've got to live, even if it kills you.”
by Bel Kaufman The Today Show