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Posted on July 19th, 2011, by iMinerva

Medical Researcher Search for Alzheimer's Breakthrough

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference is taking place in Paris this week.  It’s the largest gathering of leading researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical and medical companies in the world. 

While there doesn’t seem to be an earth-shattering breakthrough for treating this frightening condition, which affects 36 million people worldwide, there is progress on early detection.  GE, Lily and Bayer are in a race for FDA approval on their diagnostic systems.  The hope is that with early identification, patients will respond more positively to treatment with the potential for slowing or stopping the progress of the disease.

Risk Factors

Researchers determined the three greatest risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s in the U.S. population were: 1) physical inactivity, 2) depression, and 3) smoking.  This varied when the global population was studied.  From a worldwide view, the three greatest risks are:  1)low education, 2) smoking and 3) physical inactivity. 

Watch for Falls

Research was also reviewed showing that “People at risk for Alzheimer’s are twice as likely to fall as healthy people, and the disease may also be visible in scans of the eye.”

Women at The Center

A panel discussion on “Women and Alzheimer’s: A Global Perspective,” focused on the impact the disease has on women, not just as patients but as caregivers.  Women, more than men, are fearful of getting Alzheimer’s and of a loved one developing the disease.  Women in the five countries studied (France, Germany, Spain, Poland and the U.S.), were also more likely to be responsible for day-to-day care as well as the decision-making process and financial support of a person living with the disease.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Association website for further reports and information.


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