Back to School

Posted on August 24th, 2011, by iMinerva

Back to school

September comes and I’m always in a Back-to-School mode. I’m not sure if I connect the season with shopping – school supplies and special new outfit – or getting back to see old friends or just the joy of learning something new. Whatever the motivation, I’ll always consider myself a “student.”
Living in the Chicago area, I’m extremely fortunate. There are great colleges & universities that now offer remarkable courses for adult learning – with or without credit.
The University of Chicago has a centrally located downtown campus with a catalogue of courses to stimulate just about every interest from certificate programs in film and music to learning Arabic to speaking skills to wine, to travel to Vienna and Budapest.
Then there’s Chicago’s Art Institute with a calendar of lectures, guided tours, workshops, even a cooking class featuring Dali – his art and his recipes. Who knew Dali had recipes?
No matter what community you live in, you’ll find exciting resources to open new pathways of thinking, new discoveries and new friends. Community colleges often hold adult learning classes at the high school. I’ve taken painting and Spanish lessons here. (Not adept at either pursuit!) Libraries always feature readings, musical performances, and discussion with experts from a wide range of topics.
Even retailers are ready to help you learn a new skill. Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, your neighborhood wine shop, interior design store, fabric shops, bead shop, art supply store. Everyone’s eager to help you pursue a hobby, skill, or new career.
No excuses! Challenge your mind and you can challenge anything in your life.


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