Betty Ford

Posted on July 13th, 2011, by iMinerva


We may not have known Betty Ford personally, but we all “knew” her and admired her.  The role of “First Lady” is not an easy one – a job with no job description, no salary, no promotions, and definitely no job security. 

While she didn’t apply for the job, Betty Ford was a remarkable first lady in many ways in and out of the political world. 

In 1974, Mrs. Ford was the first to speak openly about breast cancer and her masectomy, a pointed and remarkable conversation for the time that led to women recognizing the need for mammograms and self-examination. 

She was public about her battle with alcohol and pill addiction and instrumental in creating the Betty Ford Center for substance abuse and addiction where she served as chairman of the board until 2005 when she was 87.

Never a shrinking violet, she spoke out on women’s rights, equal pay and pro-choice, and marched to support the passage of the ERA – issues that were all highly controversial at the time. 

Her spirit, her determination to speak out for causes she believed in, and her eternal grace will be greatly missed.


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