Chasing A Dream

Posted on August 8th, 2011, by iMinerva

Diana Nyad

“I want to do something to feel alive, alert, awake and challenged.”  That’s the reason for Diana Nyad’s effort to swim the 103 miles from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.  As I post this, she’s 18 hours into what’s expected to be a 60-hour swim.

A former long distance swimmer, Diana swam from the Bahamas to Florida several years ago but hasn’t been swimming any distance for the past 30 years.  Then she turned 60 and decided she needed to challenge herself and inspire others – so the training for this never-before-accomplished swim began.

In an interview on CNN, Nyad explained, “‘All my life, I dreamed of being the first one ever to swim across without a shark cage,’ she said, adding that when she turned 60, she started thinking what if I went back and started to chase that elusive dream of Cuba.'”

On August 22, Diana Nyad will celebrate her 62nd birthday.

“We have one life and it’s a one-way street,” noted Nyad during an interview on The Today Show, “so live it large.”  Truly, she is. Follow her progress on her website and on CNN.

Update to Diana’s swim….  After 29 hours, the long-distance swimmer abandoned her dream of swimming from Cuba to Key West, Florida.  Facing strong winds and currents along with shoulder pain and asthma, Nyad determined that it was not to be. 

Her advice at the end of her swim was “Live your life with passion” and “Be your best self.”  Wonderful advice from a true Minerva.

What’s your “Live it large” challenge going to be?  Minerva knows you can do it.


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