Cooking Up Some History in The U.K.

Posted on September 12th, 2011, by iMinerva

Historic Food

If you love to travel and you love to cook, and you’re interested in English history, you need to check out food historian Ivan Day. Mr. Day began collecting antique cookbooks and utensils more than 40 years ago,  all of which he now preserves in his museum – the site of his historic food cooking classes. If you happened to see the Food Network’s program Food Fit for a King, you saw Ivan’s kitchen in Cumbria.

Important Disclaimer!  I haven’t been to Wreay Farm and don’t know a soul who has taken the culinary program offered, but from the Historic Food website, it looks totally delightful.  (Remember, I’m in PR so understand the value of a great website – and how it can possibly misrepresent reality.  Still, I’d like to know more.)

So that said… Wreay Farm is a 17th century farmhouse in northern England “on the edge of the Lake District National Park.”  (I have been to the Lake District and it’s beautiful.  Read Wordsworth or the romantic poets and you’ll know more.)

If you’ve always wanted to prepare a truly authentic English Christmas dinner, look into the “Taste of Christmas Past” two-day course scheduled for Saturday/Sunday, December 10-11, 2011.  The curriculum features a “real” Yorkshire Christmas Pie, Christmas Pottage (soup), Francatelli’s Ice Cream Christmas Cake, John Mollard’s Twefth Cake, Spit Roast Goose and Garnished Brawn.  And that’s just the first day – all delicacies to be enjoyed that evening at your own Christmas Dinner.

Day Two begins with the making of The  Mince Pie (one of my favorites) and Yule Dow followed by preparation of the Roast Beef and Plum Pudding which are then served for lunch.

Even if you can’t plan a get away, visit Mr. Day’s website for a glimpse into an authentic English past.  In addition to table settings and historic utensils, you’ll find a treasure chest of historic recipes.  Just click on the Swan Pie and your journey will begin.



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