Dr. Oz on Taking Action

Posted on September 12th, 2012, by iMinerva


Dr. Oz points out the difference between “Deciding” and “Doing” in the current September 17 issue of Time Magazine.  It’s like the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.”  But as Oz notes, making a significant shift in behavior and changing patterns established over the course of a lifetime, is not easy.  It takes more than just a rational decision to change.  Real, lasting change requires a shaking up of the brain – and a strong support group – to generate action.  Look at the success of programs like Weight Watchers and Alcholics Anonymous.  It seems that encouragement and the competitive spirit provided by an influencer group can have an impact.

Short-term goal-setting also seems to be key.  It’s the “One day at a time” program.  Rather than planning to workout for an hour three times a week, getting up off the couch to walk for 15 minutes today, with the activity extended by 5 minute intervals over time –  is more successful. 

So check out Oz’s “guide to getting unstuck.”  But first, look at the place you’re stuck (diet, exercise, smoking, TV), and do something to change the habit/problem for right now…no matter how hard it might seem.  Then, take another positive action later in the day.  Just keep adding up those positive steps and soon you’ll start to enjoy the journey.

As Oz says, “Everything is either growing or dying.  When you delay your diet until tomorrow or wait to quit smoking until your next birthday, you are choosing, in a day-to-day way, to follow the route of the dying.” 

Or as McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc always said, “When you’re green, you’re growing.  When you’re not, you rot.”

Don’t rot.  Get your Gal Pals together for support and take action – Now!

(Photo/art: Time Magazine, September 17, 2012)


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