Glass Half Full

Posted on July 6th, 2011, by iMinerva


A recent study by The Geppetto Group determined that Baby Boomers are attracted to “brand messages with a more youthful mindset and sense of optimism,” as well as brands with a “social conscience.”  I hope they didn’t spend a lot of money to determine this pretty obvious Boomer trait.

We’re the generation that became adults in the midst of chaos (Vietnam, sexual revolution) and always believed we could change the world.  We joined the Peace Corps, volunteered, watched as the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.  We’ve traveled the globe, raised families, had careers, and in general, lived the good life with multiple cars in the garage and TVs throughout the house.

Of course we are hopeful for the future – even as we face a challenging economy just when we want to retire. We’ve overcome a lot and still have an inner sense of youth, strength, and yes, even optimism for the future.  After all, in our minds, we’re still only in our 20s.

iMinerva would love to know your thoughts on the future.  Do you feel a sense of youth and optimism about your own life or do you feel disillusion and dismay?  Post your comments below.  We’d love to know.


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