Grannies on Safari

Posted on September 27th, 2011, by iMinerva

Grannies On Safari

Grannies on Safari co-hosts, Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson, are rock stars when it comes to travel adventures. These hip and happening, self-proclaimed “Grannies,” have a PBS TV series that allows them to explore the world.

Their wanderlust has taken them to Tanzania, Zanzibar,Buenos Aires, India’s Ganges River, and a host of exotic places many of us have only seen in travel brochures. Not every trip is an idyllic romance, however. Some travel adventures come packaged with an Indiana Jones script – like January’s journey to Egypt. The Grannies had to call-in the cavalry when a revolution broke out. Fortunately for all (and good information to remember), the U.S. State Department was able to rescue the Grannies and their group, relocating them to Greece. (Another shaky place to be today.)

Watch for Grannies on Safari on PBS this fall. They’ve just returned from a 16-day Trans-Siberian Railway trip from Moscow, crossing Siberia, to Beijing. Adventures abound – even without a revolution. I can’t wait to see that travelogue later this fall.

Check out their website and join their travel club to learn about upcoming trip opportunities. These fun-loving, adventuresome women redefine “Grandma.” In fact, they’re part of AARP’s “What’s Next” campaign featuring amazing folks who have reinvented their lives after 50. Can’t wait to find out what’s next for Regina and Pat.


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