It’s Right to Bare Arms

Posted on July 18th, 2011, by iMinerva

Michelle Obama

I remember Great Aunt Beulah looking for the flag she heard waving in the wind – then screaming when she realized it wasn’t a flag – it was her flabby arm waddle as she was waving to a neighbor.  Poor Beulah – she really did have a lot of baggage where her triceps should have been.

Summer makes the arm thing even more of a problem – those cute tank tops and sleeveless dresses show no mercy – just flab.  Not to mention the added pressure First Lady Michelle Obama has placed on us all with her firmly toned biceps & triceps.

So I’m pulling those resistance cords out of the closet and starting my workout.  Suzanne Somer’s Thighmaster also works for upper arm toning – I’ve got that in the back of the closet close to those cords –  and the dumbbells carefully stashed on a shelf in the basement are perfect for this assignment.  Actually, I could even use canned goods for my weightlifting routines.  No excuses.  The equipment is close at hand, the time to tone must also be at hand – or upper arm’s length at most.

Here are two easy routines from for even a dumb belle like me to get started.

 Standing Biceps Curl

Stand feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.

Hold dumbbells with palms facing forward (underhand grip), arms down at your sides.  (Start with a 1 or 3-pound weight and work your way up – unless you are already in an exercise program)

Bend elbows and bring dumbbells up to shoulders, keeping elbows close to sides.

Do 12 repetitions.


Lying Triceps Extension

 Webmd recommends doing this on a flat bench but you should also be able to work on the floor with your knees bent to prevent back strain.

Lie on your back holding dumbbells down on your thighs.

Raise dumbbells to chest and push up so they are directly over your shoulders – palms facing in.

Lower dumbbells toward forehead bending elbows to 90 degrees – keep elbows pointing forward and don’t move upper arm.

Return to start position.  Do 12 repetitions.

Check out Fitness Magazine for an arm-toning routine to combine with your daily walk.  Or if you’re really up for a challenge, check out the magazine’s Michelle Obama workout plan.  Proceed with caution!

It doesn’t matter how you get there – resistance bands, dumbbells, arm circles, heavy lifting – but you have to get started or join Great Aunt Beulah as your arm waddles wave in the breeze..


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