Lulu’s Tips for Beauty after 60

Posted on April 3rd, 2013, by iMinerva

lulus tips to looking good

Lulu Kennedy-Cairn is a popular Scottish singer-songwriter.  She’s petite, blonde and bubbling over with energy.  And, she’s 64 and if I knew her, I’d probably dislike her – a lot.  Lulu looks like she’s mid 40’s and adorable.

A guest on The Talk, Lulu was touting her , Lulu’s Secrets to Looking Good, and, coincidentally, her line of beauty products called Time Bomb.  I’ll probably be online shopping later this afternoon.

Here are five tips that seemed really helpful.

1) Face –  Use a cleanser with magnesium crystals.  This removes dead cells and leaves more of a glow over time.

2) Hair –  Start with the color.  Be subtle, not too extreme.  Deep, dark colors are too harsh against our complexion.  Select a cut that works for your face.

3) Clothes –  Select clothes that are age-appropriate – not from your daughter’s closet.  Knit tops and jackets that hide the crotch and the bum.  Accessorize.  Use color, turn up the collar and push up the sleeves.

4) Exercise –  Find an exercise you like and do it.  Lulu likes the DVD “Dance The Years Away.”

5) Brain –  Make it work.  Read, do crosswords and puzzles, get on the computer and stay connected with friends.  As Lulu says, “Get jiggy with it.”


There are more great tips on The Talk website –

You’ll find her book on Amazon –

For Time Bomb beauty products –

Get jiggy, gals.


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