Minervas on The Red Carpet

Posted on February 27th, 2012, by iMinerva


Did you notice all of the Minervas walking the Red Carpet and in the running for Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards?  Minervas like Meryl Streep who captured Best Actress for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, another strong Minerva.  Competing for the Best Actress title were Glenn Close (our Minerva of The Month for March as she turns 65), and Viola Davis, a beautiful actor with deep wisdom and grace who quickly jumped out of her seat to hug Ms. Streep when the winner was announced.  Octavia Spencer, named Best Supporting Actress, showed the grace and humility of a Minerva in her acceptance speech and the many follow-up interviews she conducted.

We should also give credit to some honorary Minervas – the dashing and elegant men of the evening.  Christopher Plummer has the soul of Minerva along with a dash of humor as does Max Von Sydow, both nominated for outstanding roles in the Best Supporting Actor category.  It’s too bad they couldn’t share the Oscar as both were incredible in their performances.  And The Artists” Best Actor winner Jean Dujardin gets my vote for French Minerva of The Oscars.  His obvious glee at winning and recognition of his wife were a highlight.  

The Oscars were entertaining, elegant, stylish, and, yes, true Hollywood.  The fashions were stunning, the jewelry tasteful, hairstyles simple.  Everyone seemed happy to be at the event and many were even “star-struck” to see other actors they admire.  It was a “love-in” as losers congratulated the winners and the winners expressed great joy.  And, in true Hollywood style, spirits were flying as Cirque de Soleil soared over the audience and perfomed their magic on the stage.

Thank you Billy Crystal, all of the presenters, the winners, and the losers.  This year’s Oscars was an Oscar-winning evening.





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