New Year – New Face

Posted on December 29th, 2011, by iMinerva

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I’m tired of this face – or at least the saggy, baggy, dried-up, tired look I have these days. 

Reality began to hit me when I stopped at the cosmetics counter for a new foundation and the sales advisor said I needed to get rid of the dead skin on my face.  And Merry Christmas to you too!  She recommended an exfoliant, toners, moisturizers, serums, polishers, concealers, brighteners, bronzers, etc.  Everything in a jar or pot but short of botox and/or surgery.  (Not available at her counter.)

Then last night I saw some lovely holiday photos and I seemed to appear as the Ghost of Christmas Past.  Get out the Grey Goose.  I’m using it internally AND externally.  What can it hurt?

So, like a message from the spirits, an email appeared today with directions for The 5-Minute Morning Makeover.  I’m even willing to give it 10 minutes if it will help.  The article from WebMD promised, “You don’t need to apply every toner, serum, exfoliator, and othe supposed ‘essential’ that some department store salesperson talked you into buying.”  (The author must have been standing over my shoulder.  This is absolutely what I need to hear.)

In only 3 steps – and 5 minutes the Morning Makeover will “refresh and reinvigorate your skin.”  Check it out for the full details, but in less than 5 minutes, here’s the drill:

1) Cleanse – Take a few seconds to gently wash your face with your fingers.  Select a cleanser for your specific skin type & needs – probably a product for sensitive skin and one containing ceramides to counter winter’s dryness.

2) Moisturize – Choose a moisturizer that includes SPF of 15-30 with 5% zinc oxide physical blocker, and apply to damp skin.

3) Makeup – 3 quick tricks:  Conceal – Bronze – Lengthen

    Use a concealer to hide those pesky spots, discolorations and circles under your eyes, followed by foundation.  The article recommends pressed powder foundation but I prefer a light liquid foundation with adequate coverage.  Doesn’t cake in my wrinkles or “laugh lines.”  (Now that’s a laugh!)

    A bronzer brushed across your cheekbones – lightly – helps add a glow.  Just don’t overdo so you look like a spray-tan mishap.

    A good lash mascara can brighten your eyes and help make you more fluttery.  I’ve read that Maybelline’s Great Lash is preferred by celebs including Larry King (can’t say that he looks very fluttery), but I’ve just started using Guerlain’s mascara and I love it. 

It all sounds simple enough and certainly worth the effort.  Again, nothing magical but certainly sensible.  Let’s face it – every effort has got to help!



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    1. Emryss says:

      I do this, as often as I can. I recently found Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles, and the matching foundation. I find it very soft and gentle and yet it gives just the right amount of coverage. It does not cake up or burrow into places I do not want it to. It also leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft, and it does not just rub right back off again.
      I wash with hot water and clear soap every morning and night, followed by a god splash or two of cold water. Then moisturiser and I am ready for breakfast…or bed depending.

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