Obamacare – What Does It Really Do?

Posted on March 28th, 2012, by iMinerva


There’s a great debate taking place at the highest level of the land – The Supreme Court – as well as on Facebook pages and in homes and offices across America. No one really seems to know what the facts are and the discussion is getting as hot as a ruptured appendix with potential for the same deadly consequences.

I don’t know anyone who would argue that our current healthcare system is perfect. 

My friend’s daughter, husband and three young girls have no insurance coverage even though the youngest daughter was born with a serious heart condition.  Dad is self employed and doesn’t have enough income to afford insurance but too much income to qualify for government programs.

Another friend lost her insurance in the divorce and has several pre-existing conditions which preclude her from obtaining  insurance coverage.

Another dear friend, also self-employed and uninsured, had to negotiate fees for every medical procedure during her treatment for cancer.  Another friend, struggling to get by on Social Security, makes difficult decisions every month as to renewing prescriptions or buying groceries.

I should explain – I don’t live in the ghetto.  I live a very comfortable suburban life and my friends are very middle class or even upper middle class. 

None of this seems right to me.  We live in America, a country of dreams and limitless possibilities.  How can we be comfortable while overlooking the great need for basic health care for every one of our citizens.  We have hospitals that are temples to research staffed by some of the finest doctors, surgeons and caretakers in the Universe yet not every citizen is allowed inside.

I heard one statistic that 40 million Americans do not have health insurance.  Can that be true?  How do we sleep at night knowing that 40 million of our neighbors consider the Emergency Room to be their primary care access?  No wonder hospital emergency units have gurneys stacked in the hallways and invasive surgery typically allows an overnight hospital stay.  Not very efficient, fiscally responsible, or humane.  Even the vet will keep the dog for a couple days after surgery.

I really don’t care what your politics are.  This shouldn’t be a political discussion – tho’ in an election year everything is fodder for political ranting.  It’s a question of humanity and common sense. 

Don’t tell me it’s a question of money and the federal budget deficit.  It isn’t!  We’re going to have to pay for health care out of one wallet or another. 

The question is:  Does every American have a right to equal, quality health care ?  If you believe they do, then you support The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  By the way, that is actually the name of the law.

While much of the coverage and political discourse of this issue is slanted one way or the other, the full text of the law and key information is available online at the HealthCare.gov website (although a government organization it is non-partisan in the information disseminated.)  There’s also a clear, easy to understand detailed summary online – although it is provided by the Senate Democrats.  However, it seems to be quite factual as to the specific components of each of the nine titles of the Act.  I have to admit, I didn’t even know there were nine titles.

We owe it to ourselves and to the future to be educated on the facts of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rather than hop on the passing bandwagon that makes the most noise.

Here’s to your health and to good health care for all.


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