Passion to Profits

Posted on December 6th, 2011, by iMinerva


Lost your job?  Hate your job?  Retired and restless?  Bored? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time for a “Reinvention.” 

What’s your passion?  How do you exercise your passion and turn it into a profit?  Unless, of course, money doesn’t matter to you – then just relish in the act of powering-up your passion.  We’ve all spent years trying to take care of others, keeping family & bosses happy, and setting aside our personal “loves” for a rainy day in the future.

Well, my Minervas, the future is here – rainy day or sunny-side-up –  it’s time to indulge ourselves…and make some extra money doing the things we most love…with a little help from the Internet – and I’m not talking about Amazon or eBay.

Artsy-Fartsy?  Check out, a fun, easy-to-use online sales site for handmade and vintage items.  Like to bead or make jewelry, a painter or photographer or publisher, love to crochet baby blankets but have run out of babies, have a houseful of bird houses in need of a yard?  Etsy charges 20 cents per item – a matching knitted scarf, hat and gloves will cost 60 cents for the three items – plus 3.5% sales fee.  Etsy brings your passion to a wide audience with an opportunity to cash in on your fine work.  Whatever expression your inner artist creates, share it with the universe.  Check out the Etsy blog for some great inspiration.

Love to cook?   Betty Givan,  the star of Betty’s Kitchen on You Tube, was a math teacher for 30 years.  She now has more than one million page views and 30,000 subscribers who watch her step-by-step cooking demonstrations and follow her video tours to scenic stops in Kentucky – her home state.  She loves sharing her recipes and her state – and she gets paid for her passion through You Tube’s “Partner Program.”   Post on You Tube on a scheduled basis (these are typically basic, 5 to 15 minute video productions), engage with others on the video channel and develop a following, and you can become a You Tube Partner.  You Tube then places appropriate ads on your video and they split the ad revenue with you.  With a substantial audience, not only are you a “star,” you’re getting paid for your production. 

The You Tube Partner Program can work for any “how-to” expert – home repairs, gardening, birdwatching – whatever you passion. Vanessa Wilson, a former law professor who now hosts Crafty Gemini craft tutorials, won a YouTube contest that gave her $35,000.   So grab your grandkids with a flip cam, your spouse or good friend.  That’s about all you need for your production crew.  You just need a passion.

There’s simply no time and no reason to sit around and worry about the future.  According to the wisdom of Minerva –  There’s no better time than today to Design Your Own Future.  Do what you love in life and life will take care of the rest.


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