Potiche is Perfect

Posted on July 26th, 2011, by iMinerva

Catherine Deneuve in Potiche

You have to see Potiche starring Catherine Deneuve and Girard Depardeau.

It’s a delightfully intelligent comedy about adults – grandparents actually but that’s not important – who work their way through the messy and marvelous parts of life in 1977 France.  Deneuve is perfect as “Mrs. Pujol,”  the “trophy housewife” (thus Potiche) who’s husband tells her she’s not to have an opinion – just support his as he tries to save the family’s umbrella factory from the unionized workers who demand better wages, working conditions, and new toilets among other things.

When her husband has a heart attack (after being held hostage by the workers until Deneuve convinces the mayor – her former, one-time lover – to intervene and rescue him), Deneuve is named CEO and expected to sit at his desk until he’s able to return – but to make no changes or agreements.  Not only is Mrs. Pujol charming and intelligent, she’s a conciliator, a visionary and a shrewd businesswoman who involves her son and daughter to help  reinvent the umbrella business – actually turning the once-drab factory into a rainbow of color.

The fun really starts when dear hubby returns and the trophy housewife refuses to relinquish her position.  Many twists and turns as is to be expected from a French comedy.

Potiche just came out on DVD – go find it.  I promise you’ll love it.  If not, let me know and I’ll send you an umbrella!


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