Savage Truth On Money

Posted on January 4th, 2012, by iMinerva


I attended a presentation by Terry Savage last month and was impressed by her common-sense approach to money.  A nationally syndicated personal finance columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and frequent guest on CNN and other network money programs, Savage is blunt about the basics – Spend less….  Save more.  However, she knows how difficult this simple truth can be and offers lots of tips and resources to make it happen.

One of the resources I’m anxious to try is, a personalized financial service that analyzes your goals, age, and investments and helps provide direction for your portfolio.  You can get a free one-year subscription by going to the link on

There’s also a free Personal Financial Organizer on available for download when you sign-up for her newsletter.  What’s especially great about Terry’s site and her newsletter is that she really isn’t selling anything.  Amazing!  Her goal is truly to educate folks about money… and who doesn’t need that information!

Did you know that Hallmark sold 85,000 “Happy 100th Birthday” cards last year?  That means there’s a good chance many of us will live far beyond retirement – if we ever choose to retire.  If we want to be comfortable – personally and financially – we need a plan.  Add it to your goals for the year and make sure it’s a goal you meet.

Ms. Savage’s presentation was sponsored by Allstate Insurance so in addition to having a chance to hear and talk with her, I also received a copy of her book, The Savage Truth on Money.  It should be required reading for everyone from age 13 to 130.  Check it out at your library, buy it on iTunes or head over to Amazon…  Just get it and read it and read it again.


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