Signs of A Stroke

Posted on November 3rd, 2011, by iMinerva

Physician and Nurse Pushing Gurney

One of my greatest, life-long regrets is that I didn’t recognize that my mother was having a stroke and I didn’t insist that we immediately call 911. 

Mom – as most Swedish mothers are – was very stubborn, proud, and had enjoyed good health for most of her 90 years.  So when she got dizzy and had trouble walking that Fourth of July, I allowed her to self-diagnose.  She spoke well, was fully cognizant, and insisted that she just needed to go to bed and if she didn’t feel well in the morning – well then we could call the doctor.  Since it was July 4th, I wasn’t eager to drag her into the emergency room in the midst of a flurry of fireworks victims.  So I agreed.

When morning came and her condition had deteriorated, I called my next door neighbor, a psychiatrist and thus an M.D.  A quick look and she knew we needed to go directly to the emergency room.  The result, of course, was that mom’s brain had been bleeding all night.  The neurologist who saw her the next day was very skeptical that she would have much quality of life if she survived the stroke.

Fortunately. Mom pulled through and enjoyed a few more years of coffee and cookies (her favorites) and birthday parties.  Unfortunately, she experienced life through a fog and her enjoyment was greatly diminshed.

We’re all surrounded by friends and family – young and old – who could be faced with a similar health crisis.  Time, awareness and action are critical in any health situation.  With new miraculous treatments now available, stroke victims can suffer minimal damage if treated within 45 to 60 minutes.  Get smart about strokes.  Your knowledge could save someone you love dearly – it could also save you.

Here are stroke symptoms from the Mayo Clinic. 

Trouble  walking – stumbling, dizziness, loss of balance and coordination

Trouble speaking & understanding – confusion, slurring words or inability to find the right words.  Have the person repeat a simple sentence.

Paralysis or numbness on one side of the body or face.  Ask the person to raise both arms over their head at the same time.

Trouble seeing with one or both eyes – blurred or blackened vision or seeing double

Headache – Severe bolt, possible nausea dizziness or altered consciousness.

If you are ever near anyone displaying any of these symptoms – or have them yourself – immediately call 911.  Every minute counts! 

The Mayo Clinic website is an exceptional source of medical information with clear explanations, health care tips and professional advice that can be trusted.  Bookmark the site in your “Favorites” or quick access.

Here’s to your good health.



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