Ten Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward

Posted on October 18th, 2012, by iMinerva


If you’ve followed my posts on iMinerva, you know that I’m forever searching for the Fountain of Youth in a bottle. Not from the vinyard, tho’ I do recommend wine to activate a youthful spirit, but from those bottles found at thousands of beauty counters around the world.  Jars of lotions, potions, highlighters, concealers, brighteners, and anything else that will dress-up what I often consider to be a dismal face staring back at me in the mirror. And with winter around the corner and my summer tan fading faster than my petunias, I’m on a very slippery slope emotionally.

Oh joy!  Imagine my excitement – and high expectations – while standing in the check-out lane at the grocery.  There it was!  The guide to youth.  Ladies Home Journal – November 2012 – with Diane Keaton on the cover (looking spritely) and the lead story on “Anti-aging Makeup – Learn a few tricks that make you look younger.”  Granted, I need more than “a few” tips but do not want to be greedy.

Earlier in the day, Good Morning America featured a piece on a mother and daughter who had plastic surgery together.  I have to admit the “after” pictures were pretty compelling.  However, reluctant to face pain – even with the promise of a visible chin line – I’m certain that Anti-aging Makeup offers a promising alternative.

So what do the experts suggest when “sadly, your skin starts looking kind of dull after 40….”  (Sadly, I wish I had known my skin was going dull more than 20 years ago.)   Here are the top 10 tips I found most helpful.

Focus on The Eyes

1) Conceal dark circles – and who doesn’t have these – with a creamy concealer starting in the inner corner of the eye and dotted across the hollow and blended.  It seems those liquid concealers are no longer effective on the thinner, darker hollows.

2) A matte or soft pearl, golden vanilla or peachy beige eyeshadow on the lid is recommended to help “crepey/droopy” eyelids that have lost elasticity and need a “lift.”  Avoid shimmering shadows that might emphasize lines.

3) An eyelash curler followed by a light application of mascara will help create a “wide-eyed” look.  Avoid “gobs of mascara” – unless, of course, it’s Halloween.

4) An eyebrow pencil to help rediscover your brows that are graying and/or thinning.  I’ve found a “blonde” pencil works for me even though my brows are still somewhat brown.  Going too dark with the pencil makes me look like  Bette Davis – and not in a good way.

5) A Nude Liner is a new concept for me and one I’ll try very soon.  Use it to line the inner corners of the eye and/or inside the lower rim to create a bright-eyed, “awake” look.  (“Awake” is not a look that would currently describe me.)

6) Eyeliner has always been a challenge for me.  Liquid liner is too heavy and pencil liners disappear before my morning coffee does.  A longwearing Gel Liner may be the answer.  The experts promise that it “glides on without tugging, creates a nice clean line and doesn’t migrate.”  The recommended product is L’oreal Infallible Never Fail Lacquer Liner 24H for $10.

Other recommendations include:

7) A lightweight, liquid foundation with “lots of moisture, subtle coverage for age spots and light-reflecting pigments to add radiance and glow.”

8) A matte bronzer under the cheekbones and chin and along the jawline, blended with a soft powder puff, is the next best thing to plastic surgery.

9) Apply cream blush – rather than powdered blush – on cheekbones blended up towards the hairline.

10) Toss out those dark and matte lipsticks.  Brighten your smile with a “highly pigmented” lip gloss in a pinky coral or champagne tone for color, definition and shine.

As Diane Keaton says in the interview just preceding the make-up article in LHJ:

“Don’t give up on yourself.  So you make a mistake here and there, you do too much or you do too little.  just have fun.  Smile.  And keep putting on lipstick.”    😎




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