The Circle

Posted on July 10th, 2011, by iMinerva


I feel sorry for guys – really I do!  They may have access to the best jobs, money, adventure, power – but wait, gals have all of that too these days.  What guys don’t have – in the same way that gals do – is our circle of friends.  Whether it’s our BFFs, or the YaYa Sisterhood, or The Village, the Girlfriend Circle is the strongest, most powerful community in existence.

We could probably go into a long dissertation with Margaret Mead or other anthropologists on the history of The Circle of galpals, but let’s just be grateful that we’re part of it.

Who do we call when we’re having a baby (after the obvious parental call)?  We spread the great news to The Circle.  Same thing for bad news.  The Circle is always ready with cheers or tears, with sage advice (remember, they’re all Minervas) or a series of questions, with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  Like mothers (which many are), The Circle gives unconditional love.  Your politics and religion may be polar opposites, you may make really dumb decisions, you may act irrationally, but The Circle will always provide support.

I recently got together with a group of my high school buddies – 10 to be exact – for the 50th high school reunion of the Loring Lemons.  We had a very small class so this was actually 2/3rds of those of us still living and giving.  The stories all picked-up exactly where they left off.  We talked about old & new boyfriends, teachers, trips, children, jobs, husbands, plans for the future, and challenges of the day.  We laughed and carried-on as if we were still 17 and made plans for the next reunion…maybe in two years.  Tempus Fuget!  While a core group of Lemons meet on a semi-regular basis, others are geographically dispersed and less available for dinner and drinks.  One of our Lemons took 25 years to make it back for a reunion but nothing had changed.

The years have passed by while our friendship has grown stronger.  Just imagine being friends for 50 years – actually 54 when you add the years we were together in high school.  YaYas, BFFs, sisters, I love them all!


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