The New 1946 11-Day Diet

Posted on July 20th, 2011, by iMinerva

New 1946 Diet

Thanks to a basement flood during a recent power outage, I found a treasured booklet – “Eat and Get Slim – The New 1946 Edition.” According to the cover, the “New 11-Day Diet Takes Pounds Away!”

Wouldn’t you think that diets would no longer be a hot topic – 65 years later? We seldom talk about sharpening our push mowers, or needing clothes pins to hang out the clothes to dry, or having a dime handy for the phone booth or the streetcar. But “Diets” are an eternal topic – there has been no new science to replace them.

The 11-Day Diet is built on calorie restrictions – You get about 750 calories a day. Protein is the star as “protein ‘whips up’ the body’s metabolism, helping you to burn up more calories (represented by stored fat) than the protein itself provides.”

So for anyone who can manage on 750 calories a day, I thought I would share a menu a day. The food selections are very basic so not much cooking or preparing required and all are easily found at the local market. Good luck to all who venture forth.

Day 1
Small glass tomato juice
Fresh peach or canned peach without the syrup
Thin slice unbuttered toast (tin bread, toasted deep brown, is appetizing as a crisp cracker)

Broiled Hamburger, 2 patties (((( remember, portions were small in 1946)))))
Raw vegetable salad
1 glass skimmed milk

Bouillon – all you want
Lean steak, broiled or slices from roast
½ cup string beans
Celery stuffed with cottage cheese, 2-3 stalks
Coffee or tea

Please note – there are no snacks and no sugar substitutes offered in the 1946 diet. Bon Appetit!


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