We’re Just Getting Started

Posted on January 24th, 2012, by iMinerva


The cover story in USA Today is “They Won’t Quit.”  It’s a profile of mature adults who prefer to work in their 70s, 80s, even 90s.  The science of longevity shows this is probably a good thing.

The Longevity Project author Howard Frieman reports that in his eight-year study of 1500 people, “those who worked the hardest lived the longest – the responsible and successful achievers thrived in every way, especially if they were dedicated to things and people beyond themselves.”

“Working keeps me youthful,” said Edward Gerjuoy, 93, an emeritus professor in the physics and astronomy department at the University of Pittsburgh, who works six hours Monday to Friday, plus some extra time on the weekend.  Featured in the USA Today story, Gerjuoy went back for his law degree at age 59, while he taught physics at night.  “I feel if you’re here, you should have some function in life,” Gerjuoy explained.

As Boomers reach retirement age with youthful attitudes, energy and a zest for life, they aren’t always eager to step aside from work they enjoy.  Often, if forced to retire – or if a personal decision is made to retire – they often view “retirement” as a hiatus while they decide on the next chapter of their life.  Time to relax and reflect while on a cruise or out gardening in the yard, results in a new 20-year plan for the next chapter of life.  A new career or a new business enterprise, a commitment to volunteer, a return to school for another degree or for the skills to turn a long-loved hobby into a fruitful endeavor — for today’s active Boomer 65 is often a new beginning.


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