Wrinkles Are Wrong!

Posted on August 17th, 2011, by iMinerva

Wrinkles Be Gone

It doesn’t matter if they’re in your linen shirt, or your freshly-laundered bedsheets, or your face, wrinkles are just wrong!  They serve no purpose, detract from an otherwise-perfect surface, and can cause great distress – which can often result in more wrinkles.

While there’s a multi-billion-dollar industry in wrinkle creams, cosmeceuticals (what is that anyway?), and face lifts, there are few new breakthroughs to deal with these troublesome line-backers.  There’s no new wrinkle in the wrinkle business.

That said, WebMD has offered 9 tips to reducing wrinkles.  You know most of them but a couple may surprise you.

Drink Cocoa – not coffee.  There’s new research that suggests the dietary flavanoids can protect skin from sun damage, affect hydration, and make “skin look and feel smoother.”  My client Hershey should be very happy to hear that.  The Hershey Spa in Hershey, PA offers delicious chocolate treatments as well as the yummy candy bar.

Soy may help improve skin structure and firmness as well as heal photoaging caused by sun damage.

Water can be bad for your skin.  Apparently tap water, not just soap, strips oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles.  The advice is to use a facial cleanser instead.  Drinking water should still be okay and a good thing.

Topical Vitamin C – particularly L-ascorbic acid – is good for building collagen, and can help with pimentation and inflammatory conditions.

The other suggested Wrinkle Remedies according to WebMD include:

The Basics – Avoid sun, wear sunscreen, don’t smoke and use moisturizer.

Eat fish, especially salmon to keep skin “plump and youthful.”

Don’t squint – Get reading glasses and sunglasses

Sleep on your back – Side-sleeping creates wrinkles in cheeks and chin.

Love your AHAs – Alpha-Hydroxy Acids remove dead skin cells and may help stimulate collagen.

And if all remedies fail, embrace those wrinkles.  Minerva has said it before and will repeat this truth many times over – “We’ve worked hard to create these wrinkles.  They are the roadmap of our lives.”

Life will never be as simple as Wash & Wear.




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