Monthly Archives: February 2013

What’s Your Mission?

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article entitled “Why You Need to Find a Mission.”  Rush Medical Center’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago has been conducting research... Read More...

Vietnam & Cambodia – A Trip Back To War

I remember the Vietnam War – vaguely.  Back in the 50s/60s/early 70s, we didn’t have CNN or 24/7 news coverage as we do now, or live-streaming internet feeds,  so the fall of Saigon wasn’t... Read More...

Rhonda Goes Rambling

I met Rhonda on my trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  She was almost mid-way in her seven-month adventure traveling to exotic ports of call and her story is an inspiration for those of us who sometimes... Read More...

Go Red for A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the leading killer of women in America. 

Every 90 seconds a woman in the U.S.  has a heart attack. 

These are frightening statistics but critically important to be... Read More...

Celebrate Year of The Snake

Clean the house and buy some sweets and red envelopes.  February 10th is Chinese New Year, the most important celebration of the Lunar Calendar.

Just as with the traditional Gregorian calendar’s...

Words of Wisdom

If you wake up in the morning and something doesn't hurt, you know you're dead.”
by Bel Kaufman The Today Show