Agnes Zhelesnik

Posted on January 14th, 2014, by iMinerva

January 12, 1914

Happy 100th Birthday, Granny!

That’s what the kids at school call Agnes Zhelesnik, the country’s oldest working teacher.

Agnes didn’t start teaching until she was 81.  Nineteen years later she continues as a full-time home ec teacher with classes on cooking and sewing for pre-schoolers through 5th graders at Sundance School in North Plainfield, New Jersey.

“I don’t know why people don’t want to work.  I think it’s important to get out and do something and I enjoy cooking with the kids,” said Zhelesnik during an interview with a local newspaper.  The spunky teacher has been profiled in newspapers and TV shows across the country, including a feature on CBS Sunday Morning.

The school records report she hasn’t missed a day of school since she was 98!

Agnes is teaching us all a wonderful life lesson.  Here’s to many more birthdays Mrs. Zhelesnik!


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