Five Foods To Reduce Wrinkles

Posted on April 1st, 2015, by iMinerva

I’ve always admired friends with that porcelain complexion typically reserved for romantic sculptures.

Even as a teenager, my skin had begun to disintegrate – oily and marked with zits – a bi-product of outrageous hormones, I’m sure.  Thank goodness I grew out of my teens and a smoother complexion began to return encouraged over the years with a treasure-trove of lotions and potions that Cleopatra would have envied.

But time has sculpted new dimensions across my face – well, no, across my entire body but for now, let’s deal with the most visible, the lines of a “maturing” face.

We all know the basic skincare measures to avoid the ravage of wrinkles.  How many times have we heard Dr. Oz or Cindy Crawford advise us:

1) Avoid the sun and use sunscreen

2) Use moisturizers (I should have invested in Estee Lauder years ago!)

3) Don’t smoke – for many reasons beyond beauty

Cousin Jo says she heard a woman say she always slept on her back to avoid sleep lines.  This makes sense tho I toss and turn all night long so not sure I can work with this.

WebMD had a recent post on “Ways to Reduce Wrinkles” without the help of surgery or injections or other scary and painful treatments.  Included in their slideshow are five foods that are easily accessible and actually delish.  Add these to your grocery list and watch your wrinkles melt away, or, at the very least, discourage new cracks from appearing.

Five foods that are wrinkle-reducers:

1) Fish, especially salmon, contains omega 3 fatty acids which help keep your skin plump and youthful

2) Vitamin C protects against sun damage and has even been shown to reduce dark spots and increase collagen production.  Look for products containing L-ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate.

3) Soy improves skin structure and firmness while protecting against sun damage.  Look for soy as a supplement and in topical creams.

4) Cocoa, in addition to being a “good for you” food and delicious, has antioxidants that help with sun protection, hydration, and blood flow to your skin to help it look and feel smoother.  Cousin Jo suggests adding Cocoa to Soy milk for a skin-perfect prescription.

5) Water.  Again, hydration is key to plump and perky skin.  So drink up!

In addition to diet, here are three more tips from WebMD to rejuvenate your skin:

Don’t squint.  Get a good pair of sunglasses and if you’re having trouble with the small print, start wearing cheaters or prescription eyeglasses.  Squinting creates crow’s feet and other unwanted lines.

Stop washing your face – more than necessary.  Water and cleansers strip away the natural oils necessary for glowing skin.  Start using a gel or cream cleanser with a moisturizer instead of hand soap.  And, always replenish with lotions and potions.

Use an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) product to lift away the dead cells on the skin’s surface.  This helps reduce the appearance of large pores fine lines and a strong AHA may help boost collagen production for a more youthful skin tone.

A friend once said we should be proud of our wrinkles.  They are the roadmap of our lives.  Personally, there are a few roads I’d like to pave over.



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