Happy Birthday Betty!

Posted on January 18th, 2012, by iMinerva

January 17, 1922
Betty White, America’s favorite Golden Girl, just celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday. Is she sleeping-in and spending the day in her jammies? Probably not. She’s probably at the LA Zoo where she has been a supporter and fundraiser for many years.

She certainly deserves to sleep-in however, after last night’s big birthday bash on NBC, followed by the launch of her new TV show – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers. (NBC-TV, Monday, 9:30 EST)  The weekly comedy features oldsters doing pranks on unsuspecting passersby. Like the blind guy with the white cane in the park who gets the young bike-rider to help him to his car (a snazzy convertible). Instead of entering on the passenger side, the old guy stumbles over to the driver’s side, gets in and burns rubber driving off – with the young biker awestruck.

If anyone can change the universal perception of older adults as feeble cast-offs, it will be Betty. Just hope the show grabs an audience and sticks around long enough to have a loud voice. 

An inspiration to all who loved her as the sex-crazed Sue AnnNivens in the Mary Tyler Show, and the zany Rose Nyland in Golden Girls, and the spunky advice columnist, Elka, in Hot in Cleveland, Ms. White never seems to slow down.  She continually finds a way to insert herself into our lives bringing fun and possibly the most positive attitude since Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.  She has truly found the fountain of youth.

You go, girl! Everyone loves this Golden Girl from Oak Park, Illinois.


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